Mini-PC NUC-C4, DIN Rail, fanless, i3 7100U 2,4GHz, 16GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, WIN 10 I0T, Type-C

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iWill Technology products and services have been widely used in industrial control, IoT, cloud-based terminal, industrial Internet, smart home and other fields, covering commercial office, personal computer, education, medical care, finance, multimedia entertainment and other industries, meeting the needs of customers for mini computer host devices in different applications.Main product:

1. Mini PC based on mini ITX

2.NUC (10*10cm)

3.Mini ITX computer case

4.DC-DC ATX power board and adapter

iWill products have passed CCC,UL,CE,FCC,PSE,RoHs,TUV-CB,KC,BIS,etc domestic and international quality certifications, and iWill has obtained more than 100 independent intellectual property rights and national patents.

iWill Technology can satisfied with customer’s functional requirement on base of application scenario and we can better satisfy the customer's customized service experience at will. We also can provide diversified products, timely delivery and excellent quality for the customized needs.