Maxtang VBYT-30,Atom-E3845 1,91GHz,fanless,VGA,HDMI 2048x1536,4GB,256GB SSD,W-LAN/SIM-Slot, 24/7

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Mini-PC Maxtang VBYT-30, Prozessor Intel Atom-E3845, Grundfrequenz 1,91 GHz, fanless,4 GB RAM DDR 1333, 256GB SSD, LAN GB, W-LAN/SIM Slot, VGA, HDMI Dual Display´interfaces, Auflösung bis 1920 x 1080, erweiterter Temperaturbereich von -20 Grad bis +60 Grad. 24/7 Betrieb. Aluminium-Gehäuse, ideal für rauhe Umgebungen wie z.B. Digital-Signage, Industrie-Automation, Network-Security und vieles mehr.

The VBYT-30 is a fanless small form factor PC based on Intel Bay Trail Platform with CPU choices as Celeron N2930, Celeron N2808, Celeron J1900 and Celeron J1800. It features full HD 1080p playback using hardware acceleration and the ability of running dual independent displays through the HDMI, VGA interfaces. It has 2* SO-DIMM2 slots formemory up to 8GB, 1*SATA, 1*mSATA, and expansion slots for SIM, mini PCIe. In addition, VBYT-30 is also equipped with 1*USB3.0, 5*USB2.0, 2*COM, 3*LAN for wide applications. Its 190*150*30mm figure can be applied to any spaceconservative environment.These combined features makes this mini PC an ideal for a range of applications like POS, digital signage, industrial automation, network security and so on.

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